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University of California Riverside

Classes I Served as Instructor of Record:

Math 6A Precalculus I, Highlander Early Start Academy (Summer 2020)
Math 9B Integral Single Variable Calculus (Fall 2021)
Math 9C Single Variable Calculus: Sequences and Series (Summer 2019, Winter 2020, Winter–Spring 2021)
Math 10A Multivariable Differential Calculus (Summer 2021)
Math 31 Introduction to Linear Algebra (Summer 2021)

Classes I Served as Teaching Assistant:

Math 4 Precalculus for Business/Social Siences (Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2018)
Math 6A Precalculus I (Spring 2017, Summer 2020)
Math 6B Precalculus II (Fall 2018, Spring 2020)
Math 7A Differential Calculus for the Life Sciences (Fall 2018, Winter 2022)
Math 9A Single Variable Differential Calculus (Fall 2019)
Math 9B Single Variable Integral Calculus (Summer 2018, Winter 2019)
Math 9C Single Varialbe Calculus: Sequences and Series (Summer 2019)
Math 10A Multivariable Differential Calculus (Spring 2017, Summer 2018, Winter 2022)
Math 11 Intro to Discrete Mathematics (Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020)
Math 22 Business Calculus (Fall 2017)
Math 31 Intro to Linear Algebra (Winter 2018)
Math 120 Optimization (Fall 2020)
Math 126 Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Spring 2018)
Math 132 Linear Algebra II (Winter 2019)
Math 135A Numerical Analysis I (Fall 2018)
Math 151A Advanced Calculus I (Fall 2019)
Math 151B Advanced Calculus II (Winter 2022)

Teaching Fellow (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

As a teaching fellow, my duties were to observe the teaching of new graduate students in the mathematics department, and provide those students feedback and mentorship on their teaching.

AMP Instructor (Summer 2019)

The Advanced Mathematics Program, or AMP, is a program at UCR for undergraduate mathematics majors in order to further their careers by fostering community and preparing them for advanced upper division mathematics classes. As an instructor for the program, I worked with a fellow graduate student to plan class curriculum and lessons, to provide instruction, and to mentor the students in the program.

Microtutorials (Winter–Spring 2019, Spring 2020)

The purpose of this project was to incorporate online learning into the calculus curriculums at UCR. My role included writing scripts and acting in videos in which I demonstrated solving word problems, to be accessed by students in the Math 22 Business Calculus class. I also wrote follow-up worksheets for students to answer after watching the videos. You can find out more about Microtutorials here.